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Recycling Changes

Effective immediately, glass will NOT be accepted for recycling by the City of Katy. This change is due to the decline in exporting recyclables to China. Unfortunately, recycling programs aren’t accepting glass because it has become less cost-effective to recycle. Recycling is a for-profit industry that relies on the ability to sell reclaimed materials at a profit. Glass is among one of the types of recyclable that is now being sent to a landfill instead

This is the ONLY change to the residential recycling. The City of Katy will still be accepting the following items to be recycled:

  • Flattened Cardboard – boxes, cereal boxes, cake and food mix boxes, gift boxes, soda and beer can carry cases
  • Paper – office, notebook (no metal clips, spirals or binders), gift wrap, paper newspapers (including inserts; remove plastic sleeves), magazines, catalogs and telephone books, paperback books, junk mail and envelopes (no plastic cards, stick on labels or unused stamps), kraft bags/brown paper
  • Aluminum cans, trays and foil
  • Steel cans and tin
  • #1 Plastic – soda, water bottles, common food packages
  • #2 Plastic – milk jugs, juice containers, detergents, bleach, health and beauty aid products and household cleaners
  • #4 Plastic – grocery containers such as margarine tubs, frozen dessert cups, six and twelve package rings
  • #5 Plastic – grocery containers such as yogurt cups and narrow neck syrup
  • #7 Plastic – narrow neck containers only such as condiment bottles or salad dressings

Other items that are NOT accepted are:

  • motor oil
  • insecticide or herbicide
  • hazardous chemical containers
  • plastic bags (grocery bags)
  • plastic film, plastic sheet or plastic wrap
  • tarps
  • expanded foam
  • clear polystyrene. 

“When in doubt, leave it out” And remember to place all recyclables in the bin empty, clean, dry and loose! Don’t bag the items.

To locate a recycling center that will take glass and other items such as paint, oil, Freon and tires, visit or contact your county recycling center:

For more information on the City of Katy Residential Recycling and our Rewards for Recycling program, visit our Residential Recycling page.

The City of Katy will be doing notifications to residents about this issue that have signed up for the KTAlert system. SIGN UP TODAY!

Recycling Changes Brochure

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