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Keep Storm Drains Clean

When it rains, street drains help to keep City neighborhoods from flooding. When leaves collect in gutters and block these drains, and cars park in the street blocking the drainage, water can back up and cause ponding that slows or stops drainage and can even flood yards and homes.

Our drainage crews work hard to maintain all the City’s drainage infrastructure, including drainage ditches and storm drains on streets. But the City needs your help too! You can help prevent flooding by paying attention to what’s happening with the drains and ditches on your block. A few small maintenance actions on your property can also prevent stormwater from ponding.

Keep leaves and debris out of drains.

  • Rake fallen leaves and sticks in your yard and place in clear plastic yard waste bags. Republic Service collects up to 15 clear bags of yard waste 2X/ month. Please do not blow, sweep, rake yard debris into drainage areas or streets
  • If you see that debris is blocking a storm drain - use a dustpan, shovel or a trash can lid to remove debris from the top of the drain. Gloves are recommended. Safely place all debris into a plastic garbage bag.
  • If the drain is still clogged after you’ve removed the debris, call in drainage concerns at (281) 391-4820 to report it.

Maintain your gutters and downspouts.

  • Clean the gutters and drainage downspouts attached to your roof twice a year. Just one wind or rainstorm can clog a well-flowing drainage system.
  • Inspect for leaks or damage to rain gutters that could cause a flat roof to flood.
  • Direct flows from downspouts away from your foundation, without discharging flows to adjacent properties.

Maintain your drainage systems.

  • Check your property’s drainage system. This is especially important on commercial properties that have catch basins or other drainage systems. Maintaining these systems is the property owner's responsibility.
  • If you have a driveway that leads down from the street, be sure to clear the drain at the bottom of the slope.

Respect the City’s drainage system.

  • Don't put grass clippings, leaves or other debris into any of the drains, ditches, creeks, culverts, gutters, streets, or ravines in the City.
  • Do not store furniture or other items like firewood, fuel tanks, containers and loose items in your yard, as floodwaters can wash these items into culverts and cause flooding.
  • It is against the law to dump or to allow any material to enter the drainage system, as it leads to blockages. To report illegal dumping, call (281) 391-4820.

Keep Storm Drains Clean

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