Building & Standards Commission

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The Building & Standards Commission shall have the duties and purposes as set out in Chapter 54, Subchapter C of the Local Government Code in addition to serving as the board of adjustment and appeals as set out in the standard codes of the Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc. and amendments thereto, as adopted by the City of Katy Ordinance 751 and any other codes adopted or amended by any subsequent ordinance.


  1. To hear, determine and enforce those ordinances:
    • For the preservation of public safety, relating to the materials or methods used to construct a building or improvement, including the foundation, structural elements, electrical wiring or apparatus, plumbing and fixtures, entrances, or exits;
    • Relating to the fire safety of a building or improvement, including provisions relating to materials, types of construction or design, warning devices, sprinklers or other fire suppression devices, availability of water supply for extinguishing fires, location, design, or width of entrances or exits;
    • Relating to dangerously damaged or defective buildings or improvement; or
    • Relating to conditions caused by accumulations of refuse, vegetation, or other matter that creates breeding and living places for insects and rodents.
  2. To hear appeals from decisions of the building inspector from persons aggrieved by such decision and to provide the final interpretation of the provisions of the standard codes adopted by City of Katy.


  1. The building and standards commission shall consist of five (5) members appointed to two (2) year terms to run concurrently with the term of the mayor.
  2. Members shall be nominated by the mayor and approved by the city council. There shall also be appointed four (4) alternate members of the commission who shall serve in the absence of one (1) or more regular members when requested to do so by the mayor. The alternate members serve for the same period and as regular members.
  3. Regular members or alternate members of the commission may be removed by the city council for cause on a written charge. Before a decision regarding the removal of a member or alternate member, the city council shall hold a public hearing on the matter, if requested by the member or alternate member subject to the removal action.
  4. A vacancy among the regular members or alternate members shall be filled by appointment as herein provided for the unexpired term.
  5. Regular and alternate members of the commission should be persons familiar with building and construction standards preferably state or local licensed engineers, electricians or plumbers.

Quorum Requirement

All matters to be heard by the building and standards commission shall be heard by at least four (4) members which shall constitute a quorum.

2018-2019 Commission Members

  • Ricky Burch, Chairman
  • Jim Lipka
  • Vincent C. Morille, Jr.
  • Bob O’Malley
  • Steve Schilder
  • Matt Lawson, Alternate
  • Troy “Monty” McGuire, Jr., Alternate
  • Paul Redmon, Alternate
  • James A. “Alan” Williams, Alternate

Additional Information

For additional information please contact the City Secretary’s Office at 281-391-4800 or email

Applications will be retained and considered by the City for two (2) years when a vacancy occurs and may be subject to the Texas Public Information Act.

Meeting Notices & Agendas

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