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Keep Katy Beautiful Board

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The Keep Katy Beautiful Board (KKB) consists of thirteen (13) members and include as officers a chairman, vice chairman and secretary. The mayor, or his designate, shall be an ex-officio member. The appointment of members will be by the mayor and approved by the city council for three (3) year overlapping terms.

Powers and Functions

  1. To determine the goals of the city beautification and develop long range plans and programs for improvement and beautification within the city.
  2. To prepare, with recommendations, an annual Keep Katy Beautiful Budget, to be submitted for approval by city council. The funds included in the budget shall be for normal administrative costs of the committee. In addition the committee may recommend different projects for beautification which will be implemented by the city and budgeted as part of its regular budgeting procedure.
  3. To recommend the selection and employment of such personnel, agents or consultants as the board deems necessary, within the limits of their approved city budget.
  4. To act as the city’s representative in all matters relating to state, federal and county beautification programs.
  5. To arrange and conduct any form of publicity relative to its activities for the general purpose of public understanding. Any such plan shall have prior city council approval before implementation.
  6. To negotiate and enter into agreements and contracts with the United States Government, the State of Texas, municipal corporations or political subdivision thereof for the planning, developing, construction or funds of improvement and beautification projects, provided such agreements and contracts are first ratified by the city council.
  7. To accept, with approval of city council, gifts, donations and grants on behalf of the city for the development of beautification and improvement of the city.
  8. To recommend to city council schedules of fees and charges for the use of any such facilities under the jurisdiction of said board.
  9. To work closely with other city boards towards continued city improvement and beautification.
  10. To actively encourage and secure support from the citizens of Katy for improving and beautifying the city.

2018-2019 Board Members

  • Sandy Schmidt, Chairman
  • Kay Callender, Vice Chairman
  • Jamie Wolman, Secretary
  • Katy Heerssen
  • Cynthia Madison
  • Kesley Moebes
  • Carrie Singletary
  • Jennifer Stence
  • Paula Taylor
  • Albert Thompson, Jr.
  • Jacalyn Warner
  • Kathy Wiesner
  • *Vacancy*
  • Julia Barta, Emeritus Member
  • Debbie Berger, Emeritus Member
  • Patti Hanson, Emeritus Member
  • Sharon Rhoads, Emeritus Member

Additional Information

For additional information please contact the City Secretary’s Office at 281-391-4800 or email

Applications will be retained and considered by the City for two (2) years when a vacancy occurs and may be subject to the Texas Public Information Act.

See City Calendar for next Meeting.

KKBB Meeting Notices & Agendas

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11/09/2019Not Included
11/09/2019 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Not Included