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Juveniles (16 years or younger) at the time of violation, are REQUIRED to appear in court before a judge with a parent or legal guardian. Your appearance date will be mailed to the address you provided to the officer, advising you of the date you are required to appear. 

Driver’s License Suspension

Juveniles who fail to appear or who fail to pay their fine will be reported to the Department of Public Safety and their driver's license will be suspended. If they do not have a driver's license, they will not be able to obtain one until they have disposed of their case.

Notice of Expunction Rights: Penal Offenses

Pursuant to Article 45.0216(e) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, upon conviction for a Penal Code offense or a violation of a penal ordinance, the court must inform the child who is the subject of the hearing and the child's parent in open court of the child's expunction rights and provide the child and the child's parent with a written copy of Article 45.0216.

Changes in Address

A child and parent have an obligation to provide the Court in writing with the current address and residence of the child. The obligation does not end when the child reaches age 17. On or before the seventh day after the date the child and/or parent changes residence, the child or parent SHALL notify the Court of the current address in the manner directed by the Court. A violation of this subsection may result in arrest and is a Class C misdemeanor charge. The obligation to provide notice terminates on discharge and satisfaction of the judgement or final disposition not requiring a finding of guilt.

Changes of address shall be provided in writing to the court in person, email or by mail.


Sandra Burnett, Juvenile Case Manager  (281) 391-4822