Records & Communications

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Police Department Records are available by request, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Request a report by emailing, or calling 281-391-4893. Please include: Requestors Name, Phone Number, Location of Incident, and Case Number. If further information is needed, you may be contacted. Please allow 24 hours processing time for each report. Accidents may take up to 10 working days.

Report Fees: Case $2.00, Incidents $1.00.

Purchase Accident Reports

Request for “Open Records”, should be emailed to You will be advised that your request has been received. Please allow 10 working days from notification for request to be processed. Any questions about this process should be emailed to the above email address.

Records Manager: Crystal Cooper


Police Department Communications is a 24 hour 911 center, dispatching for Police, Fire, EMS, and Animal Control. Communications also handles after hour service request for, Katy Streets and Water Departments, as well as, key check out for City Facility Rental. The following forms may be picked up at the Communication’s Center as they are not available online: Repossession Forms, Private Property Tow, Solicitor Permits, and Accident Blue Forms. All other forms listed under the Community Service section, may be dropped off at the communications center.

Katy Police Department is part of the Greater Harris County 911 System. The hearing impaired can contact 911 via Text.

Communication Supervisor: Kelly Cozart